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September 29, 2009

I broke up with my ex-boyfriend because...

I broke up with my ex NOT because I found a seaman. I broke up with him because I found someone who loves me, does not hurt me, respects me, and does not hit a f***ing red horse bottle on his skull!

September 24, 2009

Birthday Wishlist Granted

Congratulate me, only two or three of the 8 wishes I had last year were not materialized. I am still using my Motorola L6 and I haven't had a nail art, just YET! Last in the list was World Peace--and we've been chasing this one since ever. BUT, there's no harm in trying, as long as it is chase-able, we'll have to run after it until we can have a hold and never let go. ;)

My wish for a new phone was never granted coz I have decided to have a 5-year depreciation for my L6. And, I didn't have the time and the mood to have a nail art. I did and still do paint my nails with exciting colors. ;)

I did receive a digicam, Sony W120. :DI have my Sony 16 gig USB Flash Drive. It doesn't have a mickey mouse head, but it increased 12gigs in memory :)A pink skinny jeans, which ended up to my niece after using them 5 times.A black Manels pumps which I bought October last year to match our office uniform.And...purple Havaianas! I changed my mind about the white one the moment I had a glimpse of the purple jelly ones!

Now that I am 24, I have shifted 180 degrees. I still want world peace. But different priorities. Enough with the material things, I want a continuous harmonious, love-filled relationship with my husband, pretty good health for him and me, a peaceful sail for him when he's on work, and finally... a BABY. 1-2 years from now. :)

September 11, 2009

Back in The Game

It's my birthday today and it would be appealing to make a comeback and not scolded. *puppy eyes* Haha! My last post is dated April 25th, after almost 5 months, I'm posting a new one with a new me... :)
I've changed status, my hair's chocolate brown, my pimples are back and I think I'm gonna be sick today. My flu's back and hopefully this is not bad.

For the "almost" 5 months that I'm gone in here, I've done tons of things:
  • Last May 3 we had a company outing in Anhawan, Oton, and I hope everybody had a lot of fun. Coz I did!
  • Attended my uncle's burial :(
  • My then-fiance last May, now my husband ;), came home.
  • I was bridesmaid to my cousin's May 16th wedding :D
  • Kissed by three gorgeous Korean hunks during a fiesta in my Tita's house. Hahah!
  • Had lots of fun looking for my civil wedding outfit. 8-} As well as my husband-to-be's outfit, gosh, that one was a tough job!
  • Wed my one-year boyfriend, but friend since childhood :D
  • Cried hard and lots every time my husband would go to Manila :(
  • Had a horrible share of flu and cough, even consulted a doctor for that.
  • Godmother-ed my niece, whose one godfather is my ex. It turns out now that I and my ex are kumpares and kumares already! I believe it's destiny for past-lovers. Nyaha!
I could have made a blog entry for each significant category, but then, I never had the time to get into blogger. Too busy with married life. ;)

So, here I am again :P And oh, happy birthday to me :D

April 24, 2009

On Moving On

"Palayain ang isa't isa, kung tayo, tayo talaga"

moving on...but it sucks.

-it sucks now, but it will feel good--sooner!-

this entry is dedicated to mariddie banzuelo. madz, you're not the only one who have felt that emotion. naaakz.

April 21, 2009

When it comes to F A S H I O N

I googled the proper pronunciation of Hermes Birkin ( read: er-mezz ber-keen) and found this cool site about it. This "it" bag started to get my attention because of Victoria Beckham. You see her toting around different colors of this expensive bag? She even has one in diamond-studded Himalayan style.

Anyway, back to the blog, I want to share this excerpt I have read from it, "Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women." This was according to Elsa Schiaparelli, a 1930's Italian designer. See the truth in there? It's overwhelming to see other women, especially those who are fashionistas in-the-making ;), staring at your outfit with envy in their eyes. Hah!

And then I realized, what's very overwhelming why women wear very, very nice outfit because it's a self-fulfillment. You want to look good for yourself. That would be it!

April 9, 2009

Kutner Dies in HOUSE

[click pic for link of site]

Just watched the Simple Explanation episode of House and Kutner died! I can't believe that his character would have that too much drama in the end. I have come to like him in House, eventhough I've known him to be starring in a crappy spoof movie. He was like this goody, goody persona in House who was very childlike and nobody would think to not adore him.

In a celebrity blog that I've read yesterday, Kal Penn (Kutner's real name), actually resigned from House. He will have a change of career path and that newer path would be politics. He will serve the current President of the USA, Barack Obama, as an associate director in the White House’s Office of Public Liaison & Intergovernmental Affairs.

March 27, 2009

Sibling L O V E

Ever witnessed an innocent and purest LOVE that have ever happened between two siblings? I've had one. I even got teary-eyed at that very moment, I just fought my tears back. I was afraid all of the people around me might saw it.

We were in our cousin's house last February. This cousin of mine died of cardiac arrest in Saudi Arabia. She worked as a domestic helper there and she left two children. One seven-year-old and a four-year-old. My cousin and their father were separated, so these two children, since then, were living with my cousin's parents.

With what had happened, of course, all of the relatives gathered up and contributed moral and financial support to the family. I pitied the most these two children who, at the very young age, lost their mother and clueless enough to remember what just happened to her. Because of that tragedy, my aunt, who can be very generous and has the money to offer such generosity, proposed to get the seven-year-old and let him live with her. Treat him like her own and support him until he finishes school. Upon hearing that proposal, the younger sister, ran to their room and cried. At first, we never bothered to ask why she cried, we were thinking she just wanted to drink that chocolate drink which she has been asking her grandpa to get. But my cousin, the daughter of my Aunt, tried to console her and asked her what she wanted. She then heard the little girl crying while saying something like, 'don't get my brother, don't let him leave me'.

A four-year-old saying something like that? She understood already what was happening. I was very touched by that thought. She loves her brother so dearly that even at a very young age, she just doesn't want them to be separated from each other. Yes, she was even smiling when the photographer took a picture of her together with their mother's coffin, but the LOVE that's living inside her is purest and very innocent.

March 14, 2009


If there is one thing that I'm really, really good at, it would be
P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N ! ! !
So many things to be done, waiting and waving and saying hello. Hahah.

March 6, 2009

10 Reasons Why I and My Ex won't ever get back together

I won't mock somebody here, after all I experienced happiness. For every failed relationship, someone's got to have that remaining happiness that she/he may treasure somewhere deep inside her/his heart. But things just won't work out, you fall out of love, someone new came over, or the enthusiasm of being inlove fades away...
Here are the reasons why there's no chance that I and my ex won't ever get back together again:
1. :D I am getting married already.
2. When I see him, I could think and say to myself that I was inlove with this guy before. It feels unrealistic now. :)
3. I broke his heart. :(
4. He broke mine too, well, he's been breaking it eversince we started the relationship.
5. We do not have the same level of understanding, he has his principles, I have mine. :P
6. He didn't allow me to go near the stage when there was a Bamboo concert. Nyaha. :D
7. He didn't allow me to wear a bikini and have a henna tattoo when I was in Boracay. Nyahaha.
8. He can be violent when he is really really mad. Punches a wall, hits his head with a Red Horse bottle (omg, I just realized this, I'm really not getting back with him :D), I was afraid he might mistaken me as a wall or a bottle of Red Horse in the end. :P
9. Our personality clashed. He follows what he wants, and I couldn't bend to them. ;)
10. I am much, much more and more H A P P I E R now with my fiance. Naks. Hahah.

Since he has been an object of my affection, I wish him happiness and I just hope he can find and will end up with his missing puzzle. ;)

March 4, 2009

Olivia Wilde is a true-to-life PRINCESS!

As I was looking for Ellen Degeneres' 2009 uploaded videos in Youtube, I caught a glimpse on the title of one of the videos saying this: "Is House star Olivia Wilde a real princess?". Of course I became curious. Reading or watching news about other people being some royal figures brings me to the dreamland and just make me think of wonderful things. And yes, Olivia Wilde, to whom I have a woman-crush, is a real
P R I N C E S S.

Her husband is an Italian who is the son of a prince. So that makes them a prince and a princess.

Now, I have a reason to post this House cast members photo.Olivia is the one leaning on Jesse Spencer's chair with all her hotness and royalness.

Please see this video which proves she's a real princess!

To New RNs, Congratulations!!!

When I heard about results of NLE already available online, first thing that came on my mind was to look for my previous fling's name in the list. Haha. That's how obsessive I am when it comes to him. I'm not inlove with him anymore, coz you know I'm getting married already, but he's just damn yummy and beautiful, that the "little crush" still remains in me. Nyaha! Well now that he belongs to the herd of board passers and aspiring people to go abroad, I say congratulations and best wishes. Haha!

I never imagined him to take Nursing as a course considering his addiction to gamings and computers when he was just a high school student. But then, nothing beats a dream to succeed. To all NLE board passers, you newly-registered nurses, better serve our nation first before going out of the country! Wehehehe! Kidding! It's your choice, anyway. I can do nothing about it. :D

NLE results are here!

February 14, 2009

Twilight Frenzy

I know, we know, Twilight's fad is kind of decreasing now, New Moon is coming over and we're ready for it. But as I was browsing through Edward Pattinson's...err... Robert Pattinson's page in Facebook, I was looking at some of his pictures, I saw a comment in this pic:And the comment was: I LOVE HIM SO F*CKING MUCH ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY

Oh my, the sleepiness went away! Hahaha!

H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ' S D A Y Y A ' L L

February 13, 2009

Overdue New Year's Resolution

I don't usually think of New Year's resolutions. Coz by just the thought of it, I'll be so much sure I won' do it. Hahah. But what I have learned from the Law of Attraction, you have to set it. I've been trying to save money since I started working, but now, I'm already about to celebrate my third year in this company, nothing's been saved! Now I realize, that you have to set a goal in order to enjoy and save the process of ending to it. I have to save my money for something that I will soon spend on. I have to exercise in order to delete this excess fat in my stomach! Hahah!
Exercise is one new thing in my new year's resolutions, which is by the way, getting longer and longer as I'm becoming older. I never had a problem with doing this going-healthy and getting-some-sexy-body routine back then. I was too thin to exercise. Way too thin.
Now what I will do, I'll follow the Law of Attraction, and then jog starting May, 2009. Why May of all the months in a year and why not January to start the year right? And of all things, why jog?
Jog. Because I'm afraid I might get backpains if ever I'll have some flexi-exercising. I have scoliosis and I think it won't go right. But according to what I have read and watched, exercise is very good for people suffering from scoliosis. I did taebo once, but my, the whole week my back kept on aching.
And then May, for romantic reasons. I do not have someone to jog with. And it's just so horrifying for me to think that I jog without a companion. I will feel really awkward, I think. There are people who jog alone, but that's my case. :D So forgive me.
And May again because my boyfriend who is not here at the present, will come home on that Month. He will be my companion. And I think that would be just great. ;)

February 11, 2009

Valentine Movies to Watch

Vaelntine's Day for me would not be being with my boyfriend, holding hands, and all cuddled up. He's not here! Hahah! Valentine's day would just be same old Saturdays, going home from work at 6AM, and then sleep all day, (in case there would be some malling to do:D) and then watch TV. Talking about TV, the other thing that I would need on a V-Day is a DVD player, coz I'll be watching all this lovey-dovey chickflicks. Here goes my list:

1. 50 First Dates. Nothing beats the first kiss.
2. The Notebook. Starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling
3. Someone Like You. In here, Ashley Judd does her cheer leader stunts wearing just an underwear. Heheh. And did I mention Hugh Jackman's very hot in here?!!!
4. Ever After. A Cinderella tale.
5. Titanic. Need I say more?
6. Enchanted. Very very cute story. Amy Adams is so adorable as well as McDreamy! Hahah!
7. 27 Dresses. I love how it went well at the end.
8. Casper. Oh my, this was a hype way back then. Who have never fallen inlove with Devon Sawa here?
9. Shakespeare In Love. I watched this during my sleepy days. And I was kind of woken up with their kissing scenes! Hahah!
10. Maid in Manhattan. A modern Cinderella story.
11. Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts was very very sexy in this movie and Richard Gere, oh my, he was so handsome.
12. Just like Heaven. I like the idea and the story.
13. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The hottest couple on the planet met. The movie is very cool.
14. Runaway Bride. I really enjoyed Julia's personality in here. And the collection of engagement rings, damn! Hahah!
15. Notting Hill. I became inlove with hugh Grant in this movie.
16. My Bestfriend's Wedding. I shall say Julia's bestest movie!
17. Sweet Home Alabama. Rekindling an old flame. Wehehe! Very great movie.
18. Shall We Dance. The love in here is not between JLo and Richard Gere. It's between him and Susan Sarandon. <3
19. A Lot like Love. Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet starrers. Young love and so real.
20. The Wedding Planner. I only eat brown M&Ms! Wehehe!
21. There's Something About Mary. Cameron was very cute in here.
22. The Wedding Date. Debra Messing pretends. I really like this movie.
23. Never Been Kissed. Guitar Hero style!
24. Just Married. This time it's Ashton and Brittany. They became a real couple in real life.
25. If only. This is a very sad romantic movie. And it will hit you right, then you'll cry...

I could go on and on.

February 10, 2009


I heard this song first in my ipod. I don't know about how I put music in my ipod, but I just collect nice songs from my friends and then there they go, load 'em! Heheh! When I first heard this song, I really checked in the Ipod who were the singers and the title. Going back to the person you love is a choice. The song is very true and there are no pretensions. You belong where you belong. Kid Rock's very sexy here and Sheryl's voice is just very sweet.


Living my life in a slow hell
different girl every night at the hotel
I aint seen the sun shine in 3 damn days
been fuelin up on cocaine and whiskey
wish I had a good girl to miss me
but I wonder if I'll ever change my ways
I put your picture away
sat down and cried today
I cant look at you while I'm lying next to her
I put your picture away
sat down and cried today
I cant look at you while I'm lying next to her

I called u last night in the hotel
everyone knows but they wont tell
but there half hided smiles tell me somethin just aint right
I've been waiting on you for a long time
fuelin up on heartaches and she'd whine
I aint heard from you in 3 damn nights
I put your picture away
I wonder where you've been
I cant look at you while I'm lyin next to him
I put your picture away
I wonder where you've been
I cant look at you while I'm lyin next to him

I saw you yesterday with an old friend
it wuz the same old same how have you been
since you've been gone my worlds been dark and gray
you reminded me of brighter days
I hope to be coming home to stay
I wuz head of the church
I wuz off to drink you away
I thought about you for a long time
can't seem to get you off my mind
I cant stand why we're living like this way
I found your picture today
I swear I'll change my ways
I just called to say I want you to come back home
I found your picture today
I swear I'll change my ways
I just called to say I want you to come back home
I just called to say I love you
come back home

February 7, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged in my Facebook for this. But I decided to post it here in my blog. Something interesting and something enjoyable to work on. Weeeeh!

1. I like ironing my hair with flat irons for hair. Haha! I know it can, in some way, damage my hair, but it does give a very shiny outcome! :D

2. I used to not like branded products (I'm a Marketing graduate and I know how they work :D), but when I started working I learned their value. Let's just say I look for quality now.

3. I enjoy taking pictures of people unaware with their backs facing me. It's very candid and true.

4. And I enjoy taking pictures of myself. Hahah. Certified camwhore. 8-}

5. I get uneasy when facing a newly-found friend and I always think of things to talk about. As much as possible, I don't want silence to rule.

6. I am not aware that I look grumpy at times. My brows meet when I think of something, or when just staring at something interesting. And that's why maybe I am misinterpreted as snobbish.

7. And I wasn't aware that I can really make my eyes bulgy and big by just showing some expressions when talking exaggeratedly. I only knew about this until my friends told me or react to my expression.

8. I have an annoying voice, that's what they say. Hahah. I don't find my voice annoying, it's just high-pitched! Maybe others get irritated with the way I talk? I don't know...

9. If I would have millions of money, I plan to acquire a place wherein I can keep and care for stray dogs and cats. I really feel for them. Adopt each of them that I might find in the road.

10. Sometimes, I ask God why there are "taong-grasa" people. Anything stray, my heart bleeds when I see them.

11. I have learned to put on my everyday make-up when I was 22 years old. I am 23 now, that's like last year, and embarassing-ly, I learned how to do it from my 18 year-old cousin. Hahah!

12. I really thought when I was in grade school that Yakult is yucky. Because, after you've drank that one little bottle, there's a very icky, phlegm-y substance left in your throat. But now, give all your Yakult to me and I'll drink 'em! :P

13. I really have this cool and gwapo impression with semi-calbo and long-haired guys. ;)

14. I was addicted to Desperate Housewives Seasons 1 and 2 last 2007. And now with House. 8-}

15. My illnesses that would cause me not to go to work, would always be stomach-related. Stomachaches, indigestion, spasm. Name them. Wehehe.

16. I used to be just 47 kilograms when I was in 4th year college.

17. I just find drummers to be astig. And I'm planning to have a summer course on how to use those drumsticks. One day...:D

18. My fashion sense would depend on my mood. I can't be a jeans-tshirt-sneakers girl all the time. When I feel like it's a "dress day", I'd wear a dress! And when I feel like it's a "pawala" day, see me at my worst. Hahah!

19. I am engaged to marry my boyfriend. ;)

20. I am very particular with boys' fingernails and toenails. They should be clean and not uncut! Major turnoff would be guys with long fingernails. Eeew.

21. I am forgiving, but I cannot forget. Don't abuse my kindness, or else...

22. My parents thought that gymnastics would be my talent when I grow up. I used to do this sideward tumbling very very straight, and I used to read a book slumping on the floor with my two front legs up leaning on the wall! Wahah!

23. I really cried hard when my puppy died back at July 2007. It was really like a scene in a dramatic TV series when I was half-awake and overheard my father told my mother, "Teh isugid ta na sa iya nga napatay si Yuri?" And Nanay answered, "Hindi lang anay, buas lang." Huwaaaah!

24. I have this ipod nano which I thought I really own. Its over a year with me already, and then my older sister is still claiming it until now. Hahah! And I'm still not giving it back!

25. I can sleep from 7 AM to 7 PM everyday, straight! Without eating my lunch. :D

January 22, 2009

From Rustom Padilla to BB Gandanghari

It's her L I F E, it's her C H O I C E, it makes her H A P P Y. Let her be.

January 21, 2009

Dagyang Ta!

I am a pure Ilonggo and there was only one time that I have walked in the streets of Iloilo City during the Dinagyang. It was during the sunday event in which the Ati-Ati contest is being held. Though I have wanted to chase those performing tribes again and again, I think I would just settle to watch them on TV for this time. The excitement and the thrill that I felt the first time I witnessed it live will never be the same. I am too old and weak to grace the streets of crowded people and by just thinking of the heat, I already die! Hahah! You see, sometimes, I am an extrovert, but then, I am really an introvert person.

Dinagyang does not only boast its Kasadyahan and Ati-Atihan Tribes contests, but the feast in the downtown area of the city is very overwhelming. Yes, did I say it is a festival? :D Concerts here and there, and never ever forget the food festival! After the Ati-Atihan contest, wait till you experience the merrymaking. Even other Ilonggos wait for the Ati-Ati contest to finish while watching it on TV, and then run to the downtown for the merrymaking. Now, I'll say that the second best part of the festival is the merrymaking. Bamboo's concert is first. Nyahah! Kidding! Seriously, it's the religious belief of the Ilonggo people that is always standing tall. Giving that little child, Sto. NiƱo, the neverending love and devotion.

[I and my friends when we were just naive girls. 8-}]

As I was joking about Bamboo in the previous paragraph, yes, Bamboo will come to Iloilo this Dinagyang 2009. Yes, they are always here! And that's why I so love this band! ;) As I've said, on Sunday, January 25, 2009, I'll be sitting in front of the boobtube and see who's gonna grab the first prize on the contest. But the night before that, I'll be putting on my rock n' roll suit :D and rock with Bamboo in the carpark of the The Venue in Boardwalk, Benigno Aquino Avenue. See yah! I'll surely enjoy it and of course I'll enjoy the Ati-Ati contest on the next day. ;)[And here's Bamboo for the teaser ;)]

January 15, 2009

Jesse Spencer: I never knew I was inlove with him

Hahaha! Got yah! I never knew I was inlove with him not until this dream occurred. I liked him so much in Uptown Girls. The one with Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning in it, trust me, that movie was so good. I cry everytime I watch it. Heheh. He was a rockstar in that movie and I guess, his popularity and handsomeness in House is equal to a rockstar! ;) Go Dr. Chase, rock on! He looked so adorable in Uptown Girls and kinda young back then. I was so happy to know when I did my research on House cast members that he and Jennifer Morrison were a couple in real life. Were, 8-}, I'd be more happy if they get back together.with Molly in one of the scenes in Uptown Girls. He was a rockstar!!!

With his then-fiancee Jennifer Morrison ( Dr. Allison Cameron in House MD)

Okay, enough of that intro. Here comes the dream! Hehehe! He's Australian in real life and he talked Hiligaynon in my dream just this day. Cool, huh? And the setting of the dream, he was my fellow castaway in Survivor! Hahaha! Cool again, huh? Hahah! And the not so really cool part, one final challenge was, each castaway was given a gun. A true gun, which when you shoot it, it kills somebody. How gory can it be? Now, the challenge is to use that gun to kill every castaway that you can find in my house (house ko pa talaga). I was so nervous to be killed, I got out of the house and was surprised to see JESSE SPENCER!!! coming after me! Waaaah! He said he'll be a ball of crap if he stayed in that Survivor challenge and better be with me than die. ;) ILOVEYOU Jesse! Nyaha!

And when we were walkin', he held my hands. We arrived in my aunt's house and when I was so becoming believable in telling the gory details of that crap Survivor challenge, I turned to him to get his agreement. Unfortunately, he didn't nod to agree, he lowered his neck and kissed my still-open mouth. Nyaaak! Hahaha! And from that moment, I realized, I was and forever will be inlove with Jesse Spencer who is an Australian and speaks in Hiligaynon. Cool, huh? :D
Hunk-y in that labgown ;)

January 9, 2009

Starbucks and Havaianas

They are just KAPE and TSINELAS, why bother? this from a blog which I fondly read from time to time. I admire the blogger so well that I wanna dedicate this entry for him.

Why BOTHER have one of both, indeed!:D

January 6, 2009


Well, what can people say? I know this is kinda late already, maybe this news is already in the rotten pages of the celebrity blogs, but hell, I wanna post him delicious and clean-cut!


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