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June 28, 2007

"the butt" or "the shoes"

bumped into this pic of mariah carey:
check out that cutiepie kid in stripes.
checkin' the butt or checkin' the shoes?

pic from ICYDK
sorry bout the small pic.
just check it out from the given site.

June 26, 2007

another desperate move

maribet delosantos not included!

June 16, 2007

Desperate Housewives Best Episode

Our uncle let us borrow his seasons 1&2 DVDs of Desperate Housewives (Original, not Pirated)hahah. I became so engrossed to it. Yes, I've already heard about this series, Oprah is so endorsing this tv series. Well, Ive watched in her show when she once guested in the series. Oh how I love the series as I've started to watch it in the DVD. So fulfilling that the whole seasons 1&2 are in my hands.
And as I searched and surfed for the season 3 on the Internet, I've come through this episode:

Mary Alice was one of the girlfriends of the Desperate Housewives, so they say. And the scene there, when, yes, almost brought me to tears but I stopped because I was in the office and too ashamed to be seen by the officemates, Lynette called her was the day she killed herself.
It is just soo good to think that I am getting a lot of life's lessons from this show.
And Mary Alice said, "We can't prevent what we can't predict."
I soo love Desperate Housewives!

June 15, 2007

what desperate people would do

gotcha, bambz!
last time, PONY. now, PENSHOPPE.
original 'to!

2 d 1 i lab

u know hu u r.
pi bertdey lang da ah!
i already gave u ur gift.
and it's a pink t-shirt!

m not testing ur musculinity, baby!

June 9, 2007

Casper=Devon Sawa

who can ever forget the human version of Casper The Friendly Ghost when he was strutting down in the stairs as Cristina Ricci sat down there waiting for her prince, eek, a dance partner to come? Whew! i was so mesmerized upon watching that part of the movie. I was like in grade school during that time. But man, I soo fell for him! hahah!
i remember dreaming about him when I slept at night. All of my seven nights in a week just after watching that movie! And in my dreams, he talked in Hiligaynon!hahah Funny, funny hallucination of mine. I remember my sister had these photocopied posters of him just the size of the long bondpaper, and I would try to steal those from her just before I sleep, and put the pictures just underneath my pillow!hahaha Sooo freakin' desperate of me. I laugh remembering those moments.
I just stopped falling for him when he had this post-Casper movie also with Miss Ricci called Now & Then. I loved that movie, but I didn't like when My Then-Mr.-Perfect and the rest of the boys showed their butts in one of the scenes. Nyehehe... My childish heart said, "Gross!". Hahah.
Well, now, I have not even noticed if he has a movie. I don't think he's still active in Hollywood. Gone are the days that he was a star and the much-loved human version of Casper. Devon Sawa was a Fad, I believe. But I also believe he is a good actor, though.
And when I remember those days that he spoke Hiligaynon himself in my hallucinations, this song plays at the back of my mind. Hmmmm. hehe.

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June 5, 2007


always remember these two things in your life:

Don't make any decision when you are angry


Don't make promises when you are happy.

June 2, 2007

the reason behind that frown

he was riding a jeepney to go to the most important person in the academics phase of his life and who would really matter with the award he will be receiving from his special someone 2 years from now.
there were already passengers in the vehicle and he decided to sit beside a guy who he thought was a man and would do no harm to him.
after a while, he was thinking that the jeepney was moving vigorously because there was something that's tickling him under his arm. Or maye, he thought for a second, that man whom he thought could do no harm to anybody was a snatcher, trying to steal his cellphone or his wallet!
after that tickling/snatching feeling, the guy whom he think could do no harm got down from the jeepney. He then looked doown to the guy whom he think could do no harm who was standing in there looking also at him and waving, ginpaypay sa! as if saying, "dali di!" waaaahhahaha!
and then he reacted, ( showed the guy whom he thought could do no harm his big, enormous FIST!) hahah!
"ari inumol ay!"


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