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September 26, 2008

That's Life

We had this diagnostic exam in our office. I wasn't allowed to get it because I am an Admin officer and only agents are required to do so. Now, the result of the diagnostic exams will be 50% of the total average of the evaluation. The release of the evaluation results is the judgment moment. The company will base in it whether they'll be regularizing probationary agents or not. No matter how high the HR Manager's and AS's evaluation for a certain agent, if he/she fails the diagnostic exam, it will bring the total evaluation average down.
Ending contract with 'probi' employees is very hard to do. Especially when they show very good performance and attitude inside the office. But policies in the company should be complied and no one can break the rules. Just by thinking that a herd of employed people will soon be work-less is so depressing.
But what can we do, T H A T ' S L I F E. It's unfair and we have to get used to it.

September 24, 2008

One More Chance: Revisiting

We were just talking about this amazing movie and I would dare say this is my all-time favorite. I would never get tired watching One More Chance over and over again. Call me freak, but this hit me for so many times everytime I'm watching it.
I liked every scene and every line in the movie. I really like watching John Lloyd Cruz act. Although I am a certified Kapuso, I do give my credits to a very well-done movie. Here's the list of the scenes (if you also watched it) that really made me cry and I have related myself into.
1. Basha confesses to Popoy that she wants them to get back. The scene where John Lloyd got to say, "You had me at my best, she had me at my worst."
2. The "Take me lord" scene by Janus del Prado. This young male really amazes me with his acting prowess. And when John Lloyd said the script, "Ikaw pa nga ang nagsabi na kapag iniwan tayo ng mga taong mahal natin, may darating na bago na mas magmamahal pa sa atin..."
3. The confrontation between John Lloyd and Maja. Maja is like taking it really emotionally. And I would bet my penny on her, this girl has got a long long way to go.

It is a chick-flick, but it does happen in real life.

September 11, 2008

Birthday Wishlist

Yeah, it's my birthday. Today. I am 23 and I will never be ashamed that I AM GETTING OLDER. ;) (Yes, I know, I'll be when I'm 42.) Haha.

So to celebrate the 23 years of staying in this harsh but beautiful world, I am making a wishlist. This can be a list of things for me to buy for myself or if anyone with a heart of gold, will be generous enough...Aheem. Thanks in advance. ;)

I have been wanting this one since last year. I have a cam phone but too bad, it's not that uhm, cool when taking pics. So instead of buying a new cp with very good camera quality, I'll settle with a digicam. A Sony W55 digicam at that. After all, it's purpose is taking good pics.

Found this cute Mickey Mouse USB Flash Drive. Not that I'm a sucker for Mickey Mouse...well in some ways. It will be a plus if my flash drive would have a Mickey Mouse for a head. Anyway, I'd really love to have a 4-gigabyte one. :D

A new cellphone! In this technology-driven world, who would never want a new cellphone, eh? Hehe. If given the chance to have a new cellphone, I'd be glad with a Sony Ericksson Thin Series. A walkman phone. I'm used to owning thin and light phones. Asus.

Colored jeans are at hype nowadays. If I reach 42, I will be afraid i won't be boasting about owning a fuschia skinny jeans during my younger age. So, I'm buying one today. ;)

It was an ultimate dream to be wearing a corporate three-piece suit in a high-end company. Because the company I am working for doesn't require business attires, I so envy women-empowering, sophisticated ladies who wear black, classic, three-inch, and pointed pumps. :D

Nail Arts! I am so amazed with this cool nail paintings. Since I am painting my nails today, I'd be happy to be treated with some nail arts. I think there's one in SM City.
If ever I'll be making this happen, I will grow my finger nails square first.

All-white Havaianas flip-flops. I don't know what's with this brand. So, im trying it. Hehe. They say it's very durable, but I just think it's the marketing and building up of the product name which makes it more appealing to people, to think that for just a pair of rubber slippers, it will cost your wallet Php 800. 8-}
I want one from Brazil itself. I'm joining the herd!

And finally. WOLD PEACE. You think I'm so materialistic, think again, you fickle-minded! :P

September 4, 2008

Amazing Topless Sandals

I saw them in a list of ugliest foot wears, but then, I don't find them ugly, I find them C O O L.
As a person who have in 'some ways' studied Marketing, marketers or businessmen as what we are called, are always looking for the newest thing to sell or to make use of or looking for more ways in modifying a certain product to be presented to the market.
And then I found this newest and coolest trend as I was browsing through my multiply network's contacts. I was amazed and asked myself if how on earth can you wear topless sandals?
This invention is made to have an illusion when seeing the wearer as walking barefoot. Indeed it is like walking barefoot, but only wearing something to protect your feet. Topless sandals are flexible and conditioned with a clean water-based adhesive we call "the stick". This stick is said to have a guaranteed life span of one year.
Cool isn't it?


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