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August 31, 2007


it's almost two weeks since my little puppy died. the one i was talking about in my previous entries here. Yuri died and it was the saddest moment of my life. It took me so long to write a blog about it, but now, Im ready to talk about him and not cry.
its just so sad for a 4 month-old puppy to die because of a very bad cough which lasted for about a month. we then concluded that maybe that cough filled his lungs with phlegm that the day he died he was vomiting lots of it.
i cried like hell when nanay told me he stopped breathing. i began thinking that no one will ever hop and bark like crazy to me when i come home. I mean, the dog has already grown a personality, which all of us have learned to love and then he was just taken from us. Even my tatay who seems to be so tough when facing difficult things, said that it hurt him when he finally realized that Yuri died. The little puppy usually sat on his lap before he goes to sleep. And my father get used to that.
And after eleven days since he died, I still miss him. I still miss the times when he would piss off our cats and ends up to be chased by them. As my mother have said, in every difficult thing that may happen to you, all you need is to accept it and everything will fall into place again. Yeah, I am learning to accept the fact that my very first dog died. Now, when i cherish the memories about him, I do not cry anymore. My heart just aches.

August 22, 2007

palimos ng pag-ibig

i know someone who's now in a certain situation where you can say the the song "torn between two lovers" is truly lived. and it's affecting his health. i know, when you think of something, say, you're still jobless, and two lovers swooning around you, you can't sleep tightly, right? that's why his head ached and he needed to see a neurologist after seeing an ophthalmologist.
everybody's just been supportive of him. and i hope he will end up to be just fine and nothing bad will come out from his medical results. and i expect him to make the right decision, when it comes to his jobless life, or love. after all, i have already told him that whatever plans or routes he will finally take, i'll support him. as long as he's happy with it.

August 18, 2007

banana q, camote q

there are things in our life that when we start to remember them, we want to go back to the time when we've experience them. And yes, I'm definitely talking about banana and camote cues here. I remember going back to our good ol' college to re-live our old session of buying some banana cue and pepsi in a plastic pouch container filled with crushed ice complete with straw. This session was mine and my friends' cherished moments with Manong Banana Cue, and some afternoon's endless gossiping and guywatching. hihih
i love camote cues and banana cues. not only that they define a certain Philippine culture but also they are good street food! i love eating them. and i kind of feel like eating them not later today.

August 10, 2007

finished them

yup, finished them and i want more! as harry waved goodbye to his children, i know that he's waving at me also. i just dunno whether he's saying that he's still coming back or he'll be gone for good. but what I'm really sure about is, I WILL MISS HIM FOREVER!

we cared for Harry, the chosen one, the boy who lived. i know you did! but he's got life, too, that we cannot get involved with for the time being. so, i guess this is really it. goodbye, harry!
i'll make sure i'll have the complete copy of seven of them, hardboun
d! and the dvds of the film version, original! ill set them as a treasure to be passed on to my children and make them learn as i have learned from the books.
i hate you, JK! you filled in one of my many fulfillments, but at the same time you made my heart bleed! i will miss harry

August 2, 2007

harry mania

never streamed youtube for a moment to keep me awake. yeah, i slept a little, but Harry awakens me even if i really wanted to sleep. and never had the chance to update a blog because i finished this:
and now i'm currently engrossed to this:
and planning to be in depth with this:
i know, i must be ashamed of myself. i have not caught up with the harry mania not until that the seventh book is out. im coping, you know.


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