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January 22, 2009

From Rustom Padilla to BB Gandanghari

It's her L I F E, it's her C H O I C E, it makes her H A P P Y. Let her be.

January 21, 2009

Dagyang Ta!

I am a pure Ilonggo and there was only one time that I have walked in the streets of Iloilo City during the Dinagyang. It was during the sunday event in which the Ati-Ati contest is being held. Though I have wanted to chase those performing tribes again and again, I think I would just settle to watch them on TV for this time. The excitement and the thrill that I felt the first time I witnessed it live will never be the same. I am too old and weak to grace the streets of crowded people and by just thinking of the heat, I already die! Hahah! You see, sometimes, I am an extrovert, but then, I am really an introvert person.

Dinagyang does not only boast its Kasadyahan and Ati-Atihan Tribes contests, but the feast in the downtown area of the city is very overwhelming. Yes, did I say it is a festival? :D Concerts here and there, and never ever forget the food festival! After the Ati-Atihan contest, wait till you experience the merrymaking. Even other Ilonggos wait for the Ati-Ati contest to finish while watching it on TV, and then run to the downtown for the merrymaking. Now, I'll say that the second best part of the festival is the merrymaking. Bamboo's concert is first. Nyahah! Kidding! Seriously, it's the religious belief of the Ilonggo people that is always standing tall. Giving that little child, Sto. NiƱo, the neverending love and devotion.

[I and my friends when we were just naive girls. 8-}]

As I was joking about Bamboo in the previous paragraph, yes, Bamboo will come to Iloilo this Dinagyang 2009. Yes, they are always here! And that's why I so love this band! ;) As I've said, on Sunday, January 25, 2009, I'll be sitting in front of the boobtube and see who's gonna grab the first prize on the contest. But the night before that, I'll be putting on my rock n' roll suit :D and rock with Bamboo in the carpark of the The Venue in Boardwalk, Benigno Aquino Avenue. See yah! I'll surely enjoy it and of course I'll enjoy the Ati-Ati contest on the next day. ;)[And here's Bamboo for the teaser ;)]

January 15, 2009

Jesse Spencer: I never knew I was inlove with him

Hahaha! Got yah! I never knew I was inlove with him not until this dream occurred. I liked him so much in Uptown Girls. The one with Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning in it, trust me, that movie was so good. I cry everytime I watch it. Heheh. He was a rockstar in that movie and I guess, his popularity and handsomeness in House is equal to a rockstar! ;) Go Dr. Chase, rock on! He looked so adorable in Uptown Girls and kinda young back then. I was so happy to know when I did my research on House cast members that he and Jennifer Morrison were a couple in real life. Were, 8-}, I'd be more happy if they get back together.with Molly in one of the scenes in Uptown Girls. He was a rockstar!!!

With his then-fiancee Jennifer Morrison ( Dr. Allison Cameron in House MD)

Okay, enough of that intro. Here comes the dream! Hehehe! He's Australian in real life and he talked Hiligaynon in my dream just this day. Cool, huh? And the setting of the dream, he was my fellow castaway in Survivor! Hahaha! Cool again, huh? Hahah! And the not so really cool part, one final challenge was, each castaway was given a gun. A true gun, which when you shoot it, it kills somebody. How gory can it be? Now, the challenge is to use that gun to kill every castaway that you can find in my house (house ko pa talaga). I was so nervous to be killed, I got out of the house and was surprised to see JESSE SPENCER!!! coming after me! Waaaah! He said he'll be a ball of crap if he stayed in that Survivor challenge and better be with me than die. ;) ILOVEYOU Jesse! Nyaha!

And when we were walkin', he held my hands. We arrived in my aunt's house and when I was so becoming believable in telling the gory details of that crap Survivor challenge, I turned to him to get his agreement. Unfortunately, he didn't nod to agree, he lowered his neck and kissed my still-open mouth. Nyaaak! Hahaha! And from that moment, I realized, I was and forever will be inlove with Jesse Spencer who is an Australian and speaks in Hiligaynon. Cool, huh? :D
Hunk-y in that labgown ;)

January 9, 2009

Starbucks and Havaianas

They are just KAPE and TSINELAS, why bother? this from a blog which I fondly read from time to time. I admire the blogger so well that I wanna dedicate this entry for him.

Why BOTHER have one of both, indeed!:D

January 6, 2009


Well, what can people say? I know this is kinda late already, maybe this news is already in the rotten pages of the celebrity blogs, but hell, I wanna post him delicious and clean-cut!


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