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September 26, 2007

nice feet...mahahaay...

i just love seeing clean, beautiful feet.

feet fetish!
find out to whom it belongs!
nice shoes pa...hmmmm...

September 25, 2007

i celebrated my birthday

there is nothing special like celebrating your birthday on a rainy day. in raining cats and dogs. we had ice cream at that state. it was fun-filled. i made my own cake. i designed it. and the sponge turned out to be "not-that-perfect". it had a slight crater-like at the middle. but i concealed it with lots of icing. hehehe
my cousins, together with their cute little babies came. as the rain splattered on the roof like an angry beast, we filled the house with laughter and a lot of noise. typical noise of my family which made my cousin's little boy cried.
i had a blast. my pocket had a blast, too! hahahah! but still, i became happy.

September 18, 2007

She, its okay, really.

this is an answer to Shella's entry BAKA.

Dear Shella,

I don't think it's stupidity. I don't want you to feel that way. It's your decision and nobody can go against that. If you don't want the job, much better that you declined because it would just be improper if they keep on making you want it.



Teh, diin ta tani kung gin-accept mo? Sa Guim? Guimaras or Guimbal?

Anyways, I still support you with your decision. Just wish that Mass won't let me work night time, viosil's. hahahah.

As according to beth, this will be a great loyalty challenge.

Teh, gaenjoy kamu da? LLDA.

September 11, 2007

after 10 days...

after ten days of watching bamboo, yes, it's my birthday today. araw ng kapanganakan, ika nga. well, of course, how can i forget Bamboo's performance? my boyfriend and i had a misunderstanding, that's because of Bamboo, yes, my friends had their pictures taken with the band and i wasn't with them. YESSS! too bad on my side, poor me, loser me. heheheh good thing its my birthday today. i think i would settle with just a view of Bamboo. that was already a gift. i was that close but couldn't reach out to him. my cousin who was a first timer to watch Bamboo's concert even had the chance to grab his hands! really, good thing its my birthday today. i need a cake!


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