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April 27, 2007

can you chew this for me?

i cant stand the smell of your breath! way, way too disgusting... Please do make it an everyday habit, eh? I mean to chew the thing. Coz for me, it would mean a breath of fresh air!

April 25, 2007

hapi UPV graduation!

uhhhh, i just remembered how the buttons of my dress fell out and broke off leaving me grasping and clasping for my tube-top-like organza not to leave me half-naked!hah! same day. it is its anniversary, actually.
in line to that, i want to congratualte all the 2007 graduates! Most especially to the UPV-CM graduates!wooohoow! well, eventhough it's not from my course whom the valedictorian this year came from, I'm still proud to say that she is my batchmate. well, uuhhhmmm. hehehe
this year's speaker was cheche lazaro...and unfortunately, i havent got the time to attend the graduation ceremony in the city campus. what will i do there, anyway?hahaha ive passed it already!
happy graduation!
you all have the opportunities in life.
we all have!

April 24, 2007

i know lazy cats

i am one crazy fan for cushy, puffy, cute cats that melt your heart with their sweet antics. i know a two of them. heeheehee and i know a two who are just like this cat on the video. soo lazy! im not a fan of lazy people coz im one of them (hahah). but im a fan of lazy but cute cats!
try to watch the video and see what im talking about. i got the video from CollegeHumor

April 18, 2007

we dont know

thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered- either by other people or themselves.

April 12, 2007

to receive three pink roses

i dont understand what's in us, girls, that everytime we receive flowers especially the three roses from our guys, we are swept off our feet and the "kilig" moment just last for a week or even forever...haaay....
i received three pink roses from my boyfriend this morning and it feels so great...until now. hahah i have never received a piece of flower eversince. ive been scolding my boyfriend since last february 14 for not recording in his agenda of our valentine date the pink roses that ive been wanting. hahah so bad of me.
it just feels so good that when you open your eyes from a disturbing sleep and you see three pink roses wrapped in fancy(sor of a cellophane printed with little red stars) paper...hahah cool!and romantic...another haaay...hehehe
i was planning to put the stems of the flowers in a pot to continue its life, but i decided to just let the petals dry and make a cool romantic memorabilia out of it.
thank you, boyfrend! i can still smell their scent while im typing here.

April 5, 2007

i miss my college days

not that i dont want my life now, there are just times that a person would endure the pleasure of remembering things. especially the happy things that happened in his/her life. i miss UP! Geezz... its just so sad when i start to wake up from a half-deep sleep here in office after the break and start working again and i would start remembering things during college. i dunno but it just comes like an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night...or should i say middle of the dawn and the wee hour of the morning.

the inter-room speak-up/massive speak-ups. haay, we might have been pissed off by these antics of our beloved Sir Roger when we were so busy with the papers and long exams, but we can't deny it, haay, how i just cherish the speak-ups. hahah remember that we would just try to keep away from the laptops and computers when Mr. Sarmiento would call and inform that there will be a massive speak-up in the GCEB? waaah!

the bluechips/magnates days. whew! can we leave the memories behind? no!of course not! yeah, we placed second during the Bluechips Modelling stint, but hey, that was just to give way to the Superseniors who were so used to the contest and have not yet won. hahah peace! 01, 01 plus 1! thankfully i havent got sick when Spongecola had their concert in the campus. We worked our butts off just to sell those tickets and walked and run under the rain when they were performing onstage. hehehe Got a signature of Yael Yuzon at the back of my Spongecola Tshirt. Consuelo de bobo.weheheheh but no, the band was great. everything turned out great.

the Cramming, Presentations, Long Exams, UP Sacrifice. if given the chance to live my life again, I'd live it like hell with a lot of concentration and focus just to become a College Scholar!wahahah nah, kidding me. truly, if given the chance, id live my life like i have lived it before (with just small airbrushing and photshopping in some parts,hahah).

the UP pleasure. UP: mahirap na ngang pasukin, mahirap pa ring labasin. hihih (it is hard to enter UP, and much, much harder to get out from it) well, who cant forget the Panay Island Field Trip with our chain-smoker and interrogative but COOL teacher in STS? With those mangrove escapades, i never thought i would have the best experience in my life.

i miss UP. and i love being in UP. but life must go on and i need to grow up. it is indeed what my alma mater has taught us, TO SOAR HIGH. ;-) and put some make-up on.


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