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June 28, 2008

CC as in Credit Card

I now have my very first credit card. I was very hesitant at first to get one because I am such a very impulsive buyer! I was also advised by a friend that a credit card will only cause you loads of burden, FINANCIALLY. That is, if you are limitless in buying things you want electronically.
Now let's talk about the credit card that I've got. I am so excited because the credit card company has this promo that if a cardholder will have its first purchase of worth Php2000, there is gonna be a worth Php3000 free of any Adidas street gear. How lucky can I get!
I let my aunt use my card who is having her monthly grocery. The grocery amounted to Php3316, and I now got my above-minimum purchase with no hassle and no problem on how to pay a Php2000 by next month.
Tomorrow, I am gonna avail that FREE worth Php3000 Adidas street gear. Wish me luck!

June 27, 2008

18th birthday

I have never had the chance to celebrate it. In fact, we are three children in the family, all girls, and I was the only one who never had the chance to blow those 18 candles in a styrofoam-made staircase with a blue-dressed plastic Barbie at the top. But I never envied anyone who had the chance and money to celebrate it. I don't know but maybe I grew with the belief that being 18 isn't the "it" age and the "adult proper" age and all that jazz. I grew with the belief that it is just a number. Every birthday is worth celebrating and we can have lavish and bonggacious parties even if we're 50!
To sum it all up, we didn't have the money to have a "welcome me to the adult world" celebration. Period. Hahaha.
The day I became 18, my mother and my father had, I think, a huge fight which caused silence in our home. Nobody remembered my birthday, except me. How sad.

Now, I am 22. Going on 23. I'm still thinking at what age will I be blowing those 18 candles in a styrofoam-made staircase with a blue-dressed plastic Barbie at the top. You get it, I'll be celebrating my 18th birthday. Not when I become 23. Maybe when I become 30 or 40. ;)

June 20, 2008

sexy, beautiful

need i say more?

June 18, 2008

instinct told me so

its been a while. i already have my Bamboo draft for my next entry but work kept me busy I cannot even open my Friendster account nor go to the restroom to have some rest. nyaha.
well, after almost three weeks of not putting an entry in here, many things had just happened to me. I changed my hair style, placed my family first in line, and broke a person's heart.
I am telling a real story here and I'm not proud to say that. But instinct told me so.
Now I feel free and the dagger that's been in my heart for almost 8 months, has been pulled by someone instrumental in getting me out of the mess that I myself created.
I broke up with him on our month-sary which is 4 days before his birthday. That's June 11, the morning I woke up, it was June 12, Philippine's Independence Day.

Freedom for All!




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