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September 29, 2009

I broke up with my ex-boyfriend because...

I broke up with my ex NOT because I found a seaman. I broke up with him because I found someone who loves me, does not hurt me, respects me, and does not hit a f***ing red horse bottle on his skull!

September 24, 2009

Birthday Wishlist Granted

Congratulate me, only two or three of the 8 wishes I had last year were not materialized. I am still using my Motorola L6 and I haven't had a nail art, just YET! Last in the list was World Peace--and we've been chasing this one since ever. BUT, there's no harm in trying, as long as it is chase-able, we'll have to run after it until we can have a hold and never let go. ;)

My wish for a new phone was never granted coz I have decided to have a 5-year depreciation for my L6. And, I didn't have the time and the mood to have a nail art. I did and still do paint my nails with exciting colors. ;)

I did receive a digicam, Sony W120. :DI have my Sony 16 gig USB Flash Drive. It doesn't have a mickey mouse head, but it increased 12gigs in memory :)A pink skinny jeans, which ended up to my niece after using them 5 times.A black Manels pumps which I bought October last year to match our office uniform.And...purple Havaianas! I changed my mind about the white one the moment I had a glimpse of the purple jelly ones!

Now that I am 24, I have shifted 180 degrees. I still want world peace. But different priorities. Enough with the material things, I want a continuous harmonious, love-filled relationship with my husband, pretty good health for him and me, a peaceful sail for him when he's on work, and finally... a BABY. 1-2 years from now. :)

September 11, 2009

Back in The Game

It's my birthday today and it would be appealing to make a comeback and not scolded. *puppy eyes* Haha! My last post is dated April 25th, after almost 5 months, I'm posting a new one with a new me... :)
I've changed status, my hair's chocolate brown, my pimples are back and I think I'm gonna be sick today. My flu's back and hopefully this is not bad.

For the "almost" 5 months that I'm gone in here, I've done tons of things:
  • Last May 3 we had a company outing in Anhawan, Oton, and I hope everybody had a lot of fun. Coz I did!
  • Attended my uncle's burial :(
  • My then-fiance last May, now my husband ;), came home.
  • I was bridesmaid to my cousin's May 16th wedding :D
  • Kissed by three gorgeous Korean hunks during a fiesta in my Tita's house. Hahah!
  • Had lots of fun looking for my civil wedding outfit. 8-} As well as my husband-to-be's outfit, gosh, that one was a tough job!
  • Wed my one-year boyfriend, but friend since childhood :D
  • Cried hard and lots every time my husband would go to Manila :(
  • Had a horrible share of flu and cough, even consulted a doctor for that.
  • Godmother-ed my niece, whose one godfather is my ex. It turns out now that I and my ex are kumpares and kumares already! I believe it's destiny for past-lovers. Nyaha!
I could have made a blog entry for each significant category, but then, I never had the time to get into blogger. Too busy with married life. ;)

So, here I am again :P And oh, happy birthday to me :D


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