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March 27, 2009

Sibling L O V E

Ever witnessed an innocent and purest LOVE that have ever happened between two siblings? I've had one. I even got teary-eyed at that very moment, I just fought my tears back. I was afraid all of the people around me might saw it.

We were in our cousin's house last February. This cousin of mine died of cardiac arrest in Saudi Arabia. She worked as a domestic helper there and she left two children. One seven-year-old and a four-year-old. My cousin and their father were separated, so these two children, since then, were living with my cousin's parents.

With what had happened, of course, all of the relatives gathered up and contributed moral and financial support to the family. I pitied the most these two children who, at the very young age, lost their mother and clueless enough to remember what just happened to her. Because of that tragedy, my aunt, who can be very generous and has the money to offer such generosity, proposed to get the seven-year-old and let him live with her. Treat him like her own and support him until he finishes school. Upon hearing that proposal, the younger sister, ran to their room and cried. At first, we never bothered to ask why she cried, we were thinking she just wanted to drink that chocolate drink which she has been asking her grandpa to get. But my cousin, the daughter of my Aunt, tried to console her and asked her what she wanted. She then heard the little girl crying while saying something like, 'don't get my brother, don't let him leave me'.

A four-year-old saying something like that? She understood already what was happening. I was very touched by that thought. She loves her brother so dearly that even at a very young age, she just doesn't want them to be separated from each other. Yes, she was even smiling when the photographer took a picture of her together with their mother's coffin, but the LOVE that's living inside her is purest and very innocent.

March 14, 2009


If there is one thing that I'm really, really good at, it would be
P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N ! ! !
So many things to be done, waiting and waving and saying hello. Hahah.

March 6, 2009

10 Reasons Why I and My Ex won't ever get back together

I won't mock somebody here, after all I experienced happiness. For every failed relationship, someone's got to have that remaining happiness that she/he may treasure somewhere deep inside her/his heart. But things just won't work out, you fall out of love, someone new came over, or the enthusiasm of being inlove fades away...
Here are the reasons why there's no chance that I and my ex won't ever get back together again:
1. :D I am getting married already.
2. When I see him, I could think and say to myself that I was inlove with this guy before. It feels unrealistic now. :)
3. I broke his heart. :(
4. He broke mine too, well, he's been breaking it eversince we started the relationship.
5. We do not have the same level of understanding, he has his principles, I have mine. :P
6. He didn't allow me to go near the stage when there was a Bamboo concert. Nyaha. :D
7. He didn't allow me to wear a bikini and have a henna tattoo when I was in Boracay. Nyahaha.
8. He can be violent when he is really really mad. Punches a wall, hits his head with a Red Horse bottle (omg, I just realized this, I'm really not getting back with him :D), I was afraid he might mistaken me as a wall or a bottle of Red Horse in the end. :P
9. Our personality clashed. He follows what he wants, and I couldn't bend to them. ;)
10. I am much, much more and more H A P P I E R now with my fiance. Naks. Hahah.

Since he has been an object of my affection, I wish him happiness and I just hope he can find and will end up with his missing puzzle. ;)

March 4, 2009

Olivia Wilde is a true-to-life PRINCESS!

As I was looking for Ellen Degeneres' 2009 uploaded videos in Youtube, I caught a glimpse on the title of one of the videos saying this: "Is House star Olivia Wilde a real princess?". Of course I became curious. Reading or watching news about other people being some royal figures brings me to the dreamland and just make me think of wonderful things. And yes, Olivia Wilde, to whom I have a woman-crush, is a real
P R I N C E S S.

Her husband is an Italian who is the son of a prince. So that makes them a prince and a princess.

Now, I have a reason to post this House cast members photo.Olivia is the one leaning on Jesse Spencer's chair with all her hotness and royalness.

Please see this video which proves she's a real princess!

To New RNs, Congratulations!!!

When I heard about results of NLE already available online, first thing that came on my mind was to look for my previous fling's name in the list. Haha. That's how obsessive I am when it comes to him. I'm not inlove with him anymore, coz you know I'm getting married already, but he's just damn yummy and beautiful, that the "little crush" still remains in me. Nyaha! Well now that he belongs to the herd of board passers and aspiring people to go abroad, I say congratulations and best wishes. Haha!

I never imagined him to take Nursing as a course considering his addiction to gamings and computers when he was just a high school student. But then, nothing beats a dream to succeed. To all NLE board passers, you newly-registered nurses, better serve our nation first before going out of the country! Wehehehe! Kidding! It's your choice, anyway. I can do nothing about it. :D

NLE results are here!


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