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July 20, 2007

i can smell fresh-from-the-hotpot pancit molo

it's one in the morning and I'm thinking about food!whoa!well, at 2am im gonna spend my breaktime eeesssllleeepping!and just now im smelling pancit molo cooked in my nanay's kitchen. ahhh, talking about cravings! im starving now!
Making the Iloilo (particularly Molo, Iloilo City) original delicacy is not that easy. I kind of love helping on making the molo balls, which by the way, are meatballs wrapped in molo strips. These "balls" are to be made hours before you cook the actual pancit molo because they need to be dry when mixed in the soup later (for the reason that the molo balls or the dumplings do not break in the boiling soup). Apparently, these tiny, little things are my favorite upon eating a bowl of hot pancit molo.
Top this Filipino dumpling soup with pieces of green onion leaves, and you have a smokin' yummy delicacy. This is one best way in having a breakfast in a cold weather.
Talkin' bout this madness that I've got, my little sister's thesis (she's a Food Tech student) is- she's theorizing on the
Pancit Molo Instant Noodles or Instant Pancit Molo or whatever that is. I hope she'll do well. After all, she's had a lot of pancit molos in her life. hahah! picture source

July 13, 2007

in Dion's memory

He was my Secret Pal during our Christmas Party when we were in the second year college days. And he gave me a powder blue pillow with a cute little pig printed on it. He was a silent boy who just talks when he's being talked to. Well, he did start conversations with somebody, but I cannot imagine him always starting the talking. So not that scene-stealer unlike our other classmates who do all the talking you'll end up just listening. And he was the one in the row of our silent classmates I was afraid who would soon burst into something we didn't really expect them to be. (Just like when Tabs put down her hair and showed us how it would look when relaxed.hehe) I don't know but our classmates really freakin' cared when they found out that Dion liked John Prats!

One thing I can be sure of that Dion is really etched in my memory is that he was an enemy in the later years of our lives in UP. Feeling the pressure, the two boys in our group, Dion and Dale, were really the subjects of our criticisms when it came to group case analyses, group reports, group projects!I didn't care when they were also beating deadlines to other subjects because we all do have our own deadlines. We beat them up with harsh words when they can't attend the meeting for the case analysis. And there was this one time that we were so pressured, we felt like trembling with the nervousness, that we needed to meet for a group report which would took place on the next day and Dion didn't show up. We needed to be complete for the other parts of the report to be distributed and discussed and he was not there! My groupmate sent him a message using my cellphone and she did not put her name as a sender. They exchaged curses and all along he was really thinking that I was the one he's exchanging harsh words with. I really cried because of that. I felt guilty of being not so good to him and to the other guy groupmate, and I felt really bad that he was thinking I was the one he's cursing.

Yes, Dion, I cried! And I hope you were not laughing at me that time!waaaah! Anyway, it wasn't just you we were not good to. We were not also good to Dale! Haha. But those were memories and we end up laughing at them now that we are grown ups and you there, being in heaven.

I just realized upon scanning our pictures during graduation that I called you to pose at my side together with our other classmates. Now, I am certain that we did not end up in bad terms.

Goodbye Dion and we sure will miss you!

i lab victoria

i remember her being the sexiest among the spice girls. back when i was starting to know what really beautiful is. and what are the great-looking legs for girls. she was an icon of one of my barkadas during high school.

I won't say I'd dress up like her. I like her style. But I won't dare wear a black corset matched with some stockings and stilletos as if going to a custome ball. and this would mean dressing up like the ever-classic bunny without the two huge ears clinging on your head.

I just like her. Whatever she wears, the clothes become sexy.

and Gawd, has she evolved from one sexy lady to one hot mama! add to it the best accessory she ever got, DAVID BECKHAM!

Here are some hot hot hot pictures of the two of them from W Magazine: this husband and wife tandem is just not awkward to look at.

This one I put on as my desktop background.
This one looks intriguing but its not awkward.And this one!H O T ! ! !Whew!

Photos are from my favorite celebrity blog Popsugar

July 7, 2007

today is 7/7/07

They say its the luckiest day! Most lucky for the lovers according to feng shui. Also luckiest for those who plan to wed. Talking about spirituality here, Seven represents the sacraments of Christ. Some spiritual groups will even spend a night in Mount Taal for religious purposes. As to Mathematics, according to Pythagoras, seven is the strongest number of all the numbers because the strongest polygons are the square and the triangle. Square has four sides, triangle has three sides, add 'em all up, equals to seven. These information I got from a TVnews last night. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are even marrying at this date. The beauty of believing in such things! Anyway, nothing can harm you if you'll believe, right? And now, we're talking 'bout faith here, people! Well, faith is a broad word. For me, I will thank God that He let me woke up at a lucky day. Considering that I got a flu just yesterday. He will let me spend the 7/7/7 with my family. He will let me have the day to stare at the face of my boyfriend. He will let me spend it doing the normal things that I usually do (because if they would be unusual, they would be abnormal, wouldn't they?). Kidding.

But actually, everyday is a lucky day because we all have the opportunity to do the things that we wanna do. It may have some meanings to other people, it just so happened that today is the seventh day of the seventh month in the seventh year of the century.

God bless us all!

O diva?!

July 5, 2007


Well, nothing compares with the thought of spending your own well-earned, studied-for-this-thoroughly, salary after working your ass off in a chosen workplace for a year. That's the beauty of being young, fresh graduate, and energetic enough to pass a resignation letter to an annoying employer (and include in here its customers), and to wake up at 5am because of a call from the company you just applied to.

Now, get back to Earth! Get back to Earth now... Get out from that phobic experience of yours.

We're talking 'bout salary here, right? The very overwhelming, joyous, lively, nothing-could-go-wrong days for me are the 5th and the 20th of the month. And for this money day, I planned to just indulge myself with the things that I have been wanting. I even had a list in mind:

1. flat shoes
2. bag
3. some toiletries
4. fantastic food
5. blouses, clothes

Haay, also include in there the money's grandma has been asking for as if I'm her moneymaker! and, uh, my longlist of debt in the company's sari-sari store!

Just thinking of these lists, I am slowly realizing, MY! The half-month salary could not cover this and won't even be able to cover my everyday fare going to the two-rides-from-home workplace.

Erase the list, NOW!
models are my little sister and cousin.
back when they were gullible enough to pose and entertain us.
facial expressions coordinated.

July 4, 2007

Yuri's OUT!

"Ang tutoy kooooo... ", says my mind. Mother decided to let Yuri, my little doggie, our little doggie, sleep outside our house, in our own so-called "azotea". Serving his purpose, to be the security guard of Alim Residence, our almost 3-month old little puppy willingly slept in that area of the house. I told Nanay to put a blanket on him avoiding the thought of the malnourished-looking dog (but well-fed) shivering because of cold. I was really afraid he might end up having a flu or something because he is used to sleeping in my bedroom. Nanay told me, "if we are not letting him sleep outside the "balkon-balkon" starting now, just when? He will really get used to sleep in your bedroom until he bocomes big enough not to realize his purpose!" And so, I gave up.

July 3, 2007

the coolness that is Transformers

Yes, I must confess, I watched the movie because of Shia LaBeouf. Period. He's a constant idol ever since he was in Even Stevens. I discovered this comedy series when I was so into Lizzie Maguirre. -The kid in me!-wahah! Okay, enough with the young La Beouf craziness. Now, he's in Transformers! And I made it a point to watch him last weekend. The movie is what every kid in you is looking for.
I like the story. Add to it the effects that they've put in it. I like it when the autobots transform into huge, gigantic robots. And ooh, the scene wherein they hide from Sam's (Shia's character) parents outside their house. That was so hilarious considering they are big things which happen to land on earth!
I've always adored Shia when it comes to acting. He becomes the character itself when he's acting.
Transformers is cool. Because of a good story. And because it has Shia in it. Woohoow!


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