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May 30, 2007


in my previous entry, ive mentioned the dogs of my aunt which are slowly deminishing due to some animal disease nowadays. out of the seventeen (read: 17) dogs that they had, the only left are 4, i believe. and two of these four are on the verge of mortality. how sad is it to imagine?
luckily, my aunt thought of giving the smallest, newborn puppy to us.
welcome, the only survivor among the brood of seven newborn puppies! YURI Alim!heheheh

May 24, 2007


i and my little sister brought this bag of grocery to our grandmother and later on decided to just pass by our aunt's whose house is just nearby. After visiting our aunt whose puppies are slowingly dying and deminishing because they can't be accommodated by their mother (they outnumbered the milk in her mammary glands!) and maybe because of the summer heat, we got ready to go home.

waiting for that gaddam tricycle to arrive, we were talking to each other like we used to. and then a pedicab came, i told my sister to move a little from the street because its too crowded she may be hit by that part-of-the-philippine-culture kind of transportation. and she did as i have told her. the driver may have overheard what i have told my sister to do, i dont know about him but he maybe had gathered some pride and said, "pahigad, pahigad! daw tumandok guid kamu di bala nga magpatunga-tunga!" ("get out of the way, get out of the way! its as if you are natives/residents of the place to be in the middle of the street!") Shocked as we were, we thought at first that he was just joking or fooling around. but then, with those kinds of words, we finally realized he wasn't joking at all! my sister, then, shocked as she was, said sorry to him.

well, wadaapaak? my sister did as what i have told her to get out of the way before that ogre pedicab driver could even pass by. i dont mean to put him down with his status in the society but, at least, he could have even tried to be more respectable. he could have passed or drove in that street without any hindrances because we truly and literally did not occupy the middle of the road.

but then, as the cliche goes on and on, that thing should be better charged to some awful experiences. i just want to let this be known that whatever status you may possess in the society, que basurero, que milyonaryo ka pa, at least, at least, be respectable!

May 22, 2007

ira cruz

"damn, how could God ever bring his wrath when I look so good?!"
-ira cruz-

source of 1st and last pics

May 17, 2007

tightfit jeans

there is nothing as pleasurable as seeing your boyfriend in a tightfit jeans. i just couldn't help but to think of those pocketbook days of your ideal men swooning around. hahah! now, i finally realize, bamboo is capable of that, too. he's not just your extraordinary, loose-jeans-wearing rocker on the block but he's also able and willing to show it to us! woohoow!


May 10, 2007

beat those legs!

i love looking at female legs! i just simply adore them.
see these some and join me in the ranks.

cameron diaz's pair is so amazingly beautiful. this is maybe because of her being sporty? dunno. she's just tall and skinny. that's it.

this pair is in the truest sense very skinny. but i just kind of like them. they look good on victoria beckham. hahah!

hilary duff's just so adorable. she just showed the twigs recently and fans go gaga over them. i personally admire those legs the first time i saw them.

holly molly rihanna. she's like the life size bratz doll! i like the body and kind of like the face, too. and the legs, whew!

i really have this thing about legs. remembered melanie marquez answering her question in the pageant, "oh, how i love my LONG-LEGGED!" waaaah!

;-> wink, wink!

May 4, 2007

the Boracay Summer Plan REALIZED

i actually thought Epi was looking at my direction (ambisyosa!hahah) all the while when we, the globe users, were watching that Hot Summer Samahan of Smart. i never realized until the party that beth was actually thinking the same way. She thought Epi was looking at her direction, too!hehehehe! well, he actually did. for the benefit of the doubt. maybe he was just smitten by the Ilongga beauties. okay na? okay na? hahahahah!

BORACAY summer getaway. Satisfaction GUARANTEED. hmmmmm.

well, i never expected it to be that satisfying. i was gushing on how i will divide-divide the paluwagan thing and make it coincide with the room's rent and the ceres fare. Because i was really sure that there will be some last-minute changes which will include some tough decisions regarding the M word. (i mean, MONEY!baby!)

i just dont know, is this just me or was it really because of our charms that made Nong Junior change his mind?hahahah!cool! now, the paluwagan's money just coincided very well. Just a few arguments and compromises when Shella lets Xtian pay first the lime juice, the gilbeys, the water, the rice, etc. and promised that we'll just pay for them when he comes back. hahahah!

we did have a blast. the SATISFIED adjective lasted up to now while I'm typing in here and while listenin to the video of Bamboo which beth excitedly uploaded in her Multiply site. do i need to repeat it in every site i'm blogging with that My Bamboo and I had this duet at the line "sinong sawa, sinong galit?!"?hahahah we actually did. and that was so heart-thumping, soul-melting, eyes-bulging experience...heheheheh

it wont be that cool if we left Bora without a
henna tatoo. that experience was so great that i became the naughty girl that i am and messed my tatoo at my lower-back because my underwear was peeping out of my trousers. if only manong manug-tatoo was that selfish, he could have charged me again. but he didnt! i guess that was still because of the innate charm!char!the banana boat ride thing. hahahah! that was amazingly cool, too! the only thing that was missing while riding was the cursing...heheheheh im known of having the mouth. but while riding, i kept my mouth shut. as in SHUT. shouting only if there were waves. heheh.

skimboarding. way, way too enjoyable. i guess this is where i had really beaten up my arms. the skimboard was very heavy that everytime i tried to throw it, it goes to the wrong direction. but alas! unlike beth, i never had the chance to slide and fall. wahahahahah!

the main event and the very reason why we made it to Boracay. Bamboo!waaaah! ive got nothin' to say. the heat and intensity are still lingering in my body and soul. feel it with this video. heheheh.


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