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March 20, 2008

this holy week

this holy week, sacrifice with Him.
He gave up His life for everybody.
and He has risen from the dead for everybody.

March 15, 2008

spur of the moment

i hate plans. when there is a plan-in-the-mind activities that my friends want to enjoy. I say, i will come with them when the plan is really going to be materialized already.
what i like is, i have this budgeted money in my pocket, i do some strutting in the mall, and then i saw this vintage top
that i like and then i buy it. and what i feel when i go home carrying this spur-of-the-moment buy that i made, is total satisfaction.
i would like to have this, though.and this.
although i wish to have my spur of the moment decision in case i bump into one of these fantasies of mine.
wish me luck in decision-making!hahah!

March 13, 2008

ex-luver, ex-fling

i feel awkward but i dreamt about someone in the past who has caused my knees to become jelly, caused my hair in the back stand as if a wolf is attacking me. In short I dreamt about someone who was equal to Brandon Boyd (in my own perspective) when I was a young ballerina in the dark. ngiyahaha. meaning, i was lost when I had a crush on him.
i knew he has a girlfriend. i knew that he is not into me. but we played like we were children in an abandoned park ready to have some fun (something like Rain and his best friend in some scene in Full House). Ngyak!
We had this water hose which was ready to splash and splurge hitting water on us. In short, we played with water. not on fire. another ngiyahahaha.
As we were playing, I just thought of the happy moments that I felt which he caused. An every night phone call which in one way or another made me waiting and expecting at the end when he didn't call anymore. The corniest jokes he would break on through in the middle of the conversation because he considers himself a humorous person in this joke world. And then I thought of his abandoning me like a lost puppy hanging in the air (so drama ever..haha) ready to fall anytime and he was just another woman!waaaaah!
And as I was thinking of those holy moments, and as i was looking at him playing with the water, he stopped and he kissed me. ON THE LIPS!
hay damgo tuod.

March 5, 2008

she's everything

girls out there, don't you want this to be dedicated to you? haaaay...

She's a yellow pair of running shoes
A holey pair of jeans
She looks great in cheap sunglasses
She looks great in anything
She's I want a piece of chocolate
Take me to a movie
She's I can't find a thing to wear
Now and then she's moody

She's a Saturn with a sunroof
With her brown hair a-blowing
She's a soft place to land
And a good feeling knowing
She's a warm conversation
That I wouldn't miss for nothing
She's a fighter when she's mad
And she's a lover when she's loving

And she's everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
I talk about her, I go on and on and on
'Cause she's everything to me

She's a Saturday out on the town
And a church girl on Sunday
She's a cross around her neck
And a cuss word 'cause its Monday
She's a bubble bath and candles
Baby come and kiss me
She's a one glass of wine
And she's feeling kinda tipsy

She's the giver I wish I could be
And the stealer of the covers
She's a picture in my wallet
Of my unborn children's mother
She's the hand that I'm holding
When I'm on my knees and praying
She's the answer to my prayer
And she's the song that I'm playing

[Repeat chorus]

She's the voice I love to hear
Someday when I'm ninety
She's that wooden rocking chair
I want rocking right beside me
Everyday that passes
I only love her more
Yeah, she's the one
That I'd lay down my own life for

And she's everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
She's everything to me
Yeah she's everything to me

Everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
She's everything to me

March 4, 2008

the wedge

not that i'm obsessed with it now, but, the wedges kind of tickled my mind.
anyway, current favorites and "fashionables" now just come and go, come and go, and then come and go.
our mothers do have this kind of fashion in their younger years, too!

(my kind of wedge is this one, and i like it!)

March 1, 2008

would you go for a secret marriage?

when somebody asks you to marry him secretly, would you go for it?
considering that you love him, too, and you also do not want him to fade out of your life?
here's the catch. he is banned in your house. actually banned by your parents to come to your house and visit you. and he is actually banned because your parents do not want you to love him anymore. But here's another catch. YOU STILL LOVE HIM.
would you go for the secret marriage or would you obey the rules of your parents made exceptionally for you and that little evil who keeps on pissing them?


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