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November 27, 2008

Bellybutton-less Earth's Sexiest

I know you'll take a closer look, but yes, I AM SAYING THE TRUTH! Karolina Kurkova, named as the sexiest woman on earth by E! indeed, has no belly-button. They say it was a result of some vanity surgeries but some say she may have had an umbilical disease when she was born.
The sight of Karolina with that button-less belly is kind of weird for me, but she looks whoopin' sexy, right?

November 26, 2008

Bite Me

Who would not want to be bitten by the beautiful and awesome Rob Pattinson aka Edward Cullen? Hahah! I'd gladly bare my neck for him to bite me, too! Aww! Just finished reading Breaking Dawn, and yes people, Bella has become a vampire already! Wahah! Spoiler alert! I think the fourth book is the best among the 4 Twilight Saga.

November 6, 2008


It was all over the news today. Obama won, and as I saw in the television almost a hundred thousand people in Chicago gathered for his victory rally, I cried, too, when I saw them crying. I don't know, but the sight of Obama, together with his family, coming out from the backstage is just so amazingly overwhelming. I am not a US citizen, nor does my mother work in there, but I have really wanted Obama to win the US presidency as an African-American.
Changing history, that was it. Nothing more, nothing less.

November 5, 2008

Edward Cullen

It's already November and I haven't updated this blog yet. I've posted only two entries for the whole month of October and I feel like I've been too busy. 25 days to go, and it's gonna be the holidays seasons already. And I feel I haven't done anything so much to satisfy what I've been setting myself for.
I turned into this book, ebook actually, which I downloaded in my Ipod, and which I have become addicted to. My reading of the book was a result of the trailer of the new Twilight movie. We all know Cedric Diggory, and I kind of disapproved Rob Pattinson when he played that part in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But, in the new Twilight movie, seeing its trailer, Rob Pattinson becomes Edward Cullen and his every inch.
I am becoming more and more inlove with Edward Cullen as I get to the last page. I become thirsty when the Ipod is nearing to being drained! Wahahaha! He is a picture of an ideal man now, except of course the fang. And the LOVE, the love that's living in the story is indeed, unconditional and irrevocable. I don't know but I just wanna cry everytime I read a confession from Bella pertaining to Edward himself.
No matter what he is, a vampire, a mountain lion, I'll love him forever! Waaaaaaah!


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