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August 29, 2008

Female, 22, In A Relationship

I didn't know this would affect me. I was 'In A Relationship' back then, but now, it is stating something which I would soon realistically feel. And welcome in my life coz this time, it's pure. Haha.

August 23, 2008

The Threats of Sashimi

I was excited to grab a sashimi when I and my officemates were in this buffet. Luckily, there was only sushi on the table. That buffet was so marvelous I had to sleep at 3am on the next day just to make sure that all of what I have eaten were properly processed in my stomach.
This time, as I was browsing through this favorite site of mine, I have found out that Sashimi/Raw Fish can be one source of tapeworm!
There's a prominent seafood restaurant in Chicago which was sued by one of their customers because he said that the salmon that they served him caused him to have a tapeworm. And that was indeed, true. According to John Rawley, a seafood expert, tapeworms are commonly found in salmon!Pak! The only thing to be done to get rid of the tapeworm from the fish is to completely cook it or freeze it at -31 degrees Farenheit for at least 15 hours.
See? Don't be too trusty with your fishy!

August 21, 2008

Harry Potter 6 Movie Release Moved To July 2009

And now we're disappointed!
We don't know why the release of the upcoming 6th Harry Potter movie was moved to a different date. We've been so excited to see the movie which was reported to be released November this year.
In the book, the half-blood prince is meant to be Professor Snape. I was so anxious to see Ginny and Harry's kissing scene in the Gryffindor common room and I can't even wait for the November 2008 release, then it's being moved to next year! mahahay!
Allegations said that producers of the movie would not want to compete with the highest-grosser movie this year, The Dark Knight. Or they just want more money?
Others showed their rage about the delay, but I myself would like to wait patiently.
Please see apology of Alan Horn, President of Warner Bothers, in about Harry Potter 6's delay of release.

August 17, 2008

Why Fourth Finger is the Ring Finger

There are a lot of myths that are sprouting why we wear our wedding rings in our fourth finger. I have found a cool explanation about this in Multiply.

Firstly, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers and hold them together - back to back.
Secondly, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb - tip to tip
Now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents)..., they will open, because your parents are not destined to live with you lifelong, and have to leave you sooner or later.

Please join your thumbs as before and separate your Index fingers (representing siblings)...they will also open, because your brothers and sisters will have their own families and will have to lead their own separate lives.

Now join the Index fingers and separate your Little fingers (representing your children)...they will open too, because the children also will get married and settle down on their own some day.

Finally, join your Little fingers, and try to separate your Ring fingers (representing your spouse).
You will be surprised to see that you just CANNOT, because Husband & Wife have to remain together all their lives - through thick and thin!!

Try it and you'll see. ;)

August 14, 2008

Kung Ayaw Mo, Huwag Mo!

This Bamboo Live Series in my iPod keeps on playing and playing. I just thought of posting my most favorite song during his Rivermaya days.

Hari ng dedmahan ng teleponong
Apat na magdamag nang di umiimik

Kung di ka tatawagan,
May pag-asa kayang
Maisip mo ako't biglang ma-miss?

Hindi kita mapipilit kung ayaw mo,
Huwag mo akong isipin, bahala na.
Hindi kita mapipigil kung balak mong
Ako'y iwanang nag-iisa

Pwes, walkathon ako patungo riyan
Isosoli ko lang lahat ng mga sulat mo

At may katok pa yatang doorbell niyo
Magtatatlong oras na'ko dito... hello?

Hindi kita mapipilit kung ayaw mo,
Huwag mo akong isipin, bahala ka.
Hindi kita mapipigil kung balak mong
Ako'y iwanang nag-iisa

Hindi kita mapipilit kung ayaw mo,
Huwag mo akong isipin, bahala na.
Hindi kita mapipigil kung balak mong
Ako'y iwanang nag-iisa

Kung ayaw mo huwag,
Kung ayaw mo huwag,
Kung ayaw mo-
Kung ayaw mo, huwag mo!

Kung ayaw mo huwag,
Kung ayaw mo huwag,
Kung ayaw mo-
Kung ayaw mo, huwag mo!

August 9, 2008

Being a VIRGO

Found this cool interpretations in a friend's blog and I kind of got overwhelmed with it. Haha. Nice one, BEST SEXUAL PARTNER. where are you in that? lol.

VIRGO - THE BEST SEXUAL PARTNER (8/23-9/22) Love to bust. Nice. Sassy. Intelligent. EXTREMELY SEXY. Predict future. Loves being in long relationships. Has lots of friends. Great talker. Always gets what he or she wants. Also not a fighter, but if they have to, they will also knock the lights out of you if it comes down to it.Cool. Loves to own Geminis' in sports. Extremely fun. Loves to joke.

August 8, 2008


Aside from the fact that the Olympics is now being held in China, August 8, 2008 has this significance to more people. 888 in Chinese, are very much lucky numbers. I have once read in a newspaper when cellphone numbers had their birth, a Chinese, in China of course, really fought in bidding for the cellphone number which had three 8s in the end.
The number 8 is lucky in the Chinese lands because of its symmetrical shape. If the number 8 will be cut either horizontally or vertically, each will have a mirror of itself. In Chinese Astrology, symmetrical is ideal. (source:
I think one reason why number 8 is lucky if you ask some people here in the Philippines is because it does not have an end. It doesn't stop.
The date 8-8-08 is also lucky for weddings. Luckier, as they said, than the date 7-7-07.
Have a lucky 8-8-08 to all of you!

August 5, 2008

Brandon Boyd in Protect Your Largest Organ

This year, Marc Jacobs had this upraise or wake-up call for the people to protect our skin against any harmful diseases or sickness that might affect the largest organ of our body.
I was amazed to find out that together with an array of beautiful celebrities, Brandon has joined this program of Marc Jacobs. This is somewhat a kind of a CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility for Marc Jacobs to have a call for us to protect the, if not the most important, then the organ which, if not treated well, might let us get down with the big C.
Celebrities went naked for this Social Responsibility program by Marc Jacobs. They posed without any clothings on for photos and these photos were then printed in shirts. Cool shirts! And LUCKY us! Brandon was in the shirt, naked!
Aside from showing us how sexy he is, he's also opening our minds to protect the skin we're in as well as our largest organ.
These shirts with naked celebrities, promoting Skin Protection were said to be only available in Marc Jacobs stores. But I saw one in Ebay!


August 2, 2008

$15 million for just a pic

How on earth can you imagine that? Stop imagining. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has sold their twins' pictures to People Magazine for 15 fu**ing million dollars. You see, if you hire a triple dozen of bodyguards for your family, rent a very, very private villa in France, gave birth in a very private hospital in France, and you are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, your kids just deserve 15 million dollars!
The beauty of being a celebrity. Controversial celebrities.
More and more people are becoming interested with the faces of Knox Leon Joli-Pitt and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt. I, myself would even buy a People Magazine if they're featured in it!

August 1, 2008

it's a bib necklace

(picture from:

come fall season in the other parts of the world, this new accessory will be a hit and is actually becoming popular. A bib necklace with its leather and metal features by Tory Burch. I would only wear it if I am in an orange tube top. And I don't even look that good when wearing a tube!


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