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March 10, 2010

Welcome me back!

Currently listening to Bamboo and felt like updating this old and deprived blog of mine. Yes, I am back from hibernation and a lot, lot, lot of things happened to me after my last entry here.

October, 2009 was the month my husband left me--- for his work abroad. :D

November 2010, my grandfather died. It was a time of sadness and a little bit of gladness. We lost our Lolo but at the same we got to know our long-lost relatives.

December was of course the month-long celebration of the holiday season.

January 2010, was the worst month. What was left of our barangay was this:

The fire happened at the eve of Dinagyang Festival here in Iloilo. So I won't ever have a joyous 2010 Dinagyang Festival memory.

February 2010, we transferred to our new house. I promised myself I will never be back living in Nabitasan anymore. I hope so...

Today is March 10, 2010. After that fire, another adrenaline-rushing experience occurred. Last two days, I was able to witness my boss having a severe asthma attack that we needed to rush her to the hospital.

Every month, something extraordinary just happens. This is what makes living worthwhile. There's sadness, and then there's something extra special happening. Every extraordinary thing that happens, I have learned something.




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